Taken with a beer can pinhole camera, images approximately 13 x 18 cm.  The pink image is what was on the photographic paper when it was removed after six months, the sun literally burnt the image into the paper and no developing was needed.  

Scan, invert and flip horizontally.

‘These images capture the path taken each day by the Sun as it crosses the sky above the Bayfordbury Observatory from the 21st June until the 21st December 2011. The arcs traced by the Sun become shorter and lower as the Earth’s northern hemisphere travels from its summer to winter solstice and appears to shift to the right only due to the way the paper was folded in the beer can camera. Dark gaps in the arcs are caused by cloud cover whereas bright tracks show the record of glorious spells of sunny weather. In fact, last year’s autumn was one of the balmiest on record in the UK, as many of the bright arcs in the picture testify’.